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Wellness & Sustainability

We put flavor first in everything we do at Compass. Our chefs support farmers by buying locally, highlighting produce and whole grains in their meals, and incorporating alternative proteins in menus.  Our purpose is to create positive change in the food system through meaningful food experiences that promote well-being for people and planet.

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    Supporting Fair Food

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Stop Food Waste

Compass Group USA is driving change from the inside out with a landmark commitment to reduce food waste by 25% by 2020. Compass Group recently announced a long-term goal to reduce food waste 50% by 2030, joining the US Food Loss and Waste 2030 group and aligning with the United Nations Social Development Goals.

  • Teaching Kitchen is an interactive platform for our guests to explore food, culinary and nutrition literacy in a collaborative and team-building environment to positively impact food choices and experiences. Engaging with onsite culinarians and registered dietitians offers participants an enjoyable experience that measures its success in the ability to educate students on planning, cooking and eating better meals at home.

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Compass Group’s network of local and celebrity chefs are available to make the ultimate guest-chef appearance at client locations! Whether it’s for a Chef's Table, Teaching Kitchen or meeting, we’re making it easy to connect our customers to authentic culinary experiences that build community and create food memories.

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Strategic Partnerships

Our expertise in foodservice is extensive, but we recognize how rapidly the industry is evolving and the landscape is changing. We embrace the concept of open innovation, making strategic partnerships a vital part of our growth strategy. We actively explore and seek out partners who share our vision for delivering well-being for people and planet, while driving commercial results.

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Market offers a flexible retail space that creates dynamic customer experiences providing a place of comfort and convenience that goes beyond the traditional offerings with local, fresh and sustainable features. This bold, industry-changing small space solution is commercially, socially and environmentally balanced to make it easier for our guests to thrive, connect and engage.


Space Transformation

Our focus is to celebrate connections and experiences as we transform traditional food spaces into multi-functional, dynamic and engaging spaces. Using data and experience-driven design, we look to create more human-centric environments that balance commercial results, contribute to well-being, build on community and deliver like-for-like growth.

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    Grow. Innovate. Create. Compass Group’s support and visionary team is shaping the future of foodservice, with its focus on business growth and leveraging strategic partnerships. Envision Group ensures the industry leader remains on the cutting edge of innovation - making it easy to do the right thing by promoting well-being of people and planet while driving commercial results.

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From the US Open to the Oscars, Compass Group North America serves 9.8 million meals a day at award-winning restaurants, corporate marketplaces, hospitals, schools, arenas, museums and senior communities.  As the leading foodservice and support services provider, we are a family of companies building meaningful experiences for our customers.